NowClinic® virtual visits, where convenience meets comfort.

Available around the clock, this service gives you face-to-face contact online with a Southwest Medical or NowClinic provider from the comfort of your home or office.

NowClinic is for many non-emergency and non-urgent illnesses or conditions, including allergies, bladder infections, bronchitis, pink eye, sinus infections, viral illnesses and more.*

To enroll, visit or download the NowClinic mobile application for iOS® and AndroidSM devices from the App StoreSM online store or Google PlayTM store. When enrolling in NowClinic, make sure to enter your name as it appears on your insurance ID card.

Five reasons to use NowClinic

  • The service members expect, without the wait. Nine out of 10 people who’ve used NowClinic say they’d use it again.**
  • Pediatric care for children under age 18. Members can simply sign in to their account and select their child’s record.
  • Once a member is enrolled, he/she can go to the app or, sign in, and choose the provider he/she wants to see.
  • Special equipment probably not needed — Most smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers already have everything a member needs to see a NowClinic provider.
  • Convenience without a big price tag — NowClinic is already included in your health plan benefits.

*The conditions treated are subject to NowClinic provider discretion and may require a visual interaction such as a webcam. Video may also be required for prescribing.

**Stats reported as of September 2015, but not guaranteed

NowClinic is not intended to address emergency or life-threatening medical conditions. Please call 911 or go to the emergency room under those circumstances.

NowClinic providers do not replace your primary care physician. The services are not covered by Medicare and may not be covered by your private health plan or Medicaid, so check with them prior to using the services. If not covered, the consumer is responsible for paying the fees at the time of service. If covered, copays and deductibles may apply. NowClinic providers do not prescribe controlled substances and reserve the right to refuse to prescribe other drugs that are restricted by state law or may be harmful or non-therapeutic. Providers may also decline an individual as a patient if the medical problem presented is not appropriate for NowClinic care or for misuse of services. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.